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When I started Bull Oak in 2014, my goal was to create a wealth management firm I would want to hire. One that’s personalized, data-driven, and methodical in how it helps clients.

The problem at the time, and still today, is that most firms fall into a pattern of generalized advice, often overlooking the nuances of each individual’s financial situation. Financial salespeople usually offer ‘advice’ without truly knowing their client’s needs, all to make a quick sale. This one-size-fits-all approach leaves clients with strategies (and financial products) that may not fully align with their specific needs and goals.

Bull Oak was founded on the principle that financial advice should be as unique as those seeking it. As a firm that operates under a fee-only model and adheres to a fiduciary standard, our commitment is, first and foremost, to the client’s best interest.

Since our founding ten years ago, we kept one mantra at the forefront of our mind, “What matters most to our clients?” This may sound a bit cliche, but we wanted to be the best within our niche – People who work hard. We work primarily with professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives. But the common thread among our clients is that they all are self-made people who find a way to get things done. They are the go-getters of society, the type of people you would turn to when it really matters.

To ensure we are the best solution for our clients, we have asked them very pointed questions, such as, “Why did you hire us? What is your biggest pain point? What could we be better at?” Their feedback has allowed us to make the necessary changes to ensure we are the best option for their needs.

As a result, our firm has grown quite a bit. And today, I am excited to reveal our new brand that better reflects our mission and position within the industry. It also lets us expand our reach and serve more people.

There is a strong demand for high-quality, transparent advice free from product sales, commissions, and kickbacks. We take great pride in being financial experts in an industry full of salespeople. Our clients worked hard for their money. They deserve thoughtful financial planning and well-researched investment decisions, providing them with the best probability for success.

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Thank you.

Ryan A. Hughes
Founder, Bull Oak

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