Do you prep and file taxes?

Yes. Through our CPA partner, we provide tax preparation, filing, and ongoing consulting at no additional charge.

We’re uniquely positioned to maximize your after-tax returns by integrating investment and tax strategy. Bull Oak financial advisors collaborate closely with our tax preparer on your behalf to free up your time and create the most efficient return possible. Our goal is to make your experience as hands-off and world-class as possible.

What's your fee?

Our fee schedule is designed to be fair and transparent. As a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor, we do not receive commissions, kickbacks, or other forms of outside compensation.

All of our services are included in this schedule as we do not have any other fees. There is no charge for the initial financial plan nor the continuous financial planning services you would receive as a client.


What services do I get for your fee?

Bull Oak is a full-service financial advisory firm. We provide investment management, financial planning, tax strategy, tax preparation and filing, and estate planning. Our all-inclusive service frees up your time and gives you an optimal wealth management experience with harmony between all aspects of your financial life.

Do you work with clients remotely?

Yes. While we’re located in San Diego, CA—we work with people nationwide. Our team is happy to meet virtually however is most convenient for you.

Who's a good fit for your service?

We work best with successful professionals, executives, and business owners looking to delegate their ongoing financial planning and investing needs. You’ve achieved great things and are too busy to manage the complexity of your finances. You also understand the benefit of an experienced human advisor.

Most importantly, genuinely nice people. We value kindness and mutual respect.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. Many advisors claiming to be a “fiduciary advisor,” including CFPs who work at broker-dealer firms, can choose to be one only part-time. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we are required to be a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor 100% of the time. Period.


Learn more about why it’s important to work with a fiduciary.
What's your investment philosophy?

Our firm’s investment strategy carefully allocates between equities (for growth) and fixed income (to reduce volatility) based on individual goals, risk tolerance, and the market cycle.

The data is clear—financial markets are extremely efficient, and ‘beating’ the market with individual securities is highly unlikely. Therefore, we put the odds back into your favor by relying heavily on low-cost, passive ETFs to capture market returns fully.

When we invest, we focus on three principles: diversify efficiently, favor small value-based stocks, and systematically manage risk.

Learn more about our process and investment philosophy.

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